Worship and Arts

Worship & Arts  exists to support the mission, vision, and values of the church. The Worship & Arts division aims to effectively establish an atmosphere conducive to transforming and maturing believers through worship and art forms that educate, evangelize, edify, encourage, and engage. This division promotes personal and corporate worship around the world. The Worship & Arts division is comprised of the Spiritual Worship Development, Praise/Worship, Band/Choir, Performing Arts and Media departments.

Division Strategy

Establish a Worship and Arts Ministry that will equip members for personal and corporate worship, with the goal of  transformation.

Recruit, assess and train MMBC members to help create an atmosphere that facilitates life-changing encounters with God through Worship and Arts.

Implement a Worship and Arts Discipleship series to foster both spiritual maturity and skill development among all Worship and Arts Ministry members.

Plan, organize and promote various, ministry-wide Worship & Arts engagements; including but not  limited to concerts, mission trips,  festivals and  workshops.

Provide opportunities for Worship and Arts Ministry members to fellowship and grow with one another outside of ministry engagements, thus building relationships to encourage personal edification and accountability.

Worship & Arts Division Lead – Kneeland Roberts

    • Spiritual Worship Assessment & Development

    • Praise & Worship Teams

    • Performing Arts Department

      • Dance

      • Drama

    • Band/Choir

      • Adult Choir

      • Musicians

      • Choir Directors

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